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globaco specialises in advising clients at home and abroad in the field of ​​wealth creation and preservation, estate planning, corporate management, etc. The company was founded in October 2000 and is independent. Continuity is important to us. We are here for you and think long term. The management and team of globaco have a solid grounding in theory and practice and can count on many years of experience. Through continuing education, we ensure that our knowledge is always current.


Customised solutions based on a careful assessment of the client’s current and future needs.


Based on the approved solution we create the necessary structures.


We support the created structures by managing and administering them; we are accountable for these structures which we constantly adapt in accordance with changing client needs and general conditions. We understand the Swiss connotation of the word "trustee": as your trustee, therefore, we are a lasting, competent partner to whom you can entrust the tasks of your choice.

The common goal is to satisfy our clients. 

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