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In conjunction with our specialists, we work for you in a way that is consistent with your personal situation or type of business. Once the structure has been put in place, we remain in contact and by agreement with you we match our consulting services to your respective needs or the development of your company, your structure and your family.

globaco supports and advises you in relation to all important decisions and carries out all the functions of a trust company on your behalf:

  • Company formation and management

  • Estate planning / foundations and trusts

  • Financial and payroll accounting

  • Tax and legal consulting

  • Family office service 

  • Asset management

  • Consolidation

With us you have a trustworthy partner who takes your wishes in and around the fiduciary sector seriously, offers high quality services and provides you with competent advice and representation.

The following benefits speak volumes for us:

  • Many years of experience

  • Continuity

  • Discretion 

  • Independence

  • Centralisation

  • Multi-lingual staff

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