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A family’s assets must be managed as a business in order to achieve the desired gains. These assets ​​may comprise businesses, securities, real estate, insurance, etc.

Based on our experience as a multi-family office (trust), we support our customers in the following areas, among others: 

  • Close cooperation and coordination with the client’s existing or newly selected advisers (lawyers, real estate consultants, auditors and tax advisers)

  • Selection (preliminary assessment and negotiation) of banks and asset managers

  • Creation of an estate structure in which tailored solutions such as insurances, foundations and trusts can also be used

  • Relocation

  • Inheritance advice

  • Purchase of real estate

  • Investment controlling (consolidation)

  • Tax and legal advice

  • Accounting services

  • Regular reviews in consultation with the client

Expertise and years of experience in the various fields guarantee personal, discreet, effective, goal-oriented advice and smooth execution of our services. We accompany, unburden and support you in the realisation of your goals and stand by your side as consultant as well as on the operational side.

We are pleased to assist you in setting up your own family office

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