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Accounting is an essential basis for business decision-making and one of our most important services. This includes:

  • Management of financial accounts

  • Preparation of annual and interim financial statements

  • Tax-optimised account planning and reporting

  • Analysis and review of annual financial statements

  • Preparation of VAT returns

  • Preparation of year-end statements for social insurance institutions

  • Preparation of withholding tax statements

  • Recovery of withholding tax


We prepare wage and salary accounts for your business. This work includes the following:


  • Preparation of salary slips (calculation of required deductions or supplements, monthly salaries, hourly wages, management salaries, overtime payments and bonuses)

  • Preparation or execution of salary payments

  • Preparation and processing of accounts for social insurance institutions

  • Issue of wage slips

  • Assumption of coordination and clarification activities with various authorities (compensation funds, accident insurance, pension funds, withholding taxes, etc.)

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